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Analytical platform - Biogeochemical Flows and Stable Isotopes of Montpellier European Ecotron
Persons in charge : Joana SauzeClément Piel


The plateform Biogeochemical Flows and Stable Isotopes of the Montpellier European Ecotron (Isoflux), is a gas analysis platform whose operation is transverse to the three Macrocosm, Mesocosm and Microcosm experimental platforms. It allows the acquisition of on-line and continuous measurements, when coupled to an experimental platform, as well as independant measurements when sampling is carried out on flanges or exetainer.

The platform is accessible either through the service offered by one of the experimental platforms,, or directly within the famework of a collaboration or a service.

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Trace gas flows

First of all, our IsoFlux platform offers the possibility to measure the flows of many gases, including the main greenhouse gases as well as various trace gases. (CO2, N2O, NH3, O2 and CH4). This is thanks to a vast array of instruments consisting of optical laser (Aerodyne, Picarro), infrared (Licor) and portable gas exchange systems (Licor). These measurements make it possible to study the ecophysiological mechanisms involved in an ecosystem or organism, such as photosynthesis, respiration or certain microbial activities. We can design and build flow measurement devices in open or closed systems (accumulation) according to your needs.

Stable isotopes

Our IsoFlux platform also offers the opportunity to measure stable carbon isotopes (12C, 13C), nitrogen (14N, 15N), oxygen (16O, 17O et 18O) and hydrogen (1H, 2H) on gaseous and liquid matrices in order to study in greater detail the ecophysiological or physico-chemical mechanisms involved in an ecosystem. Measurements can either be carried out continuously and coupled with trace gas flow measurements, or carried out on samples (flask, exetainer, liquid water). For this purpose we are equipped with several laser isotope analysers (Aerodyne, Picarro), as well as a Delta V Plus isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) (ThermoElectron) equipped with a Gasbench, a Dual Inlet and a special set of collectors (air-ratio). We are also able to implement isotope labelling (steady-state or pulse labelling) to trace the flow of elements during experiments taking place on our three experimental platforms.

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